Copyrights, a worthless collateral?

8 Apr 2019

Copyrights, a worthless collateral? By: Dr. Iman Sjahputra, SH., Sp.N., LL.M.   The creative industry in the era of Joko-Widodo-Jusuf Kalla’s Government becomes one of the programs to encourage...

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Indonesian Government’s Struggle to Save Budget: A Legal Perspective

28 Mar 2016

Indonesian Government’s Struggle to Save Budget: A Legal Perspective By: Dr. Iman Sjahputra, SH., Sp.N., LL.M. Recently, we can see many companies trembled in the balance due to the United States Dollar currency...

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The Importance of Uberrimae Fidei in Marine Insurance Coverage

21 Jan 2016

By: A.R. Henry Sitanggang When it comes to insurance coverage, there are several commonly cited legal principles such as indemnity, insurable interest, proximate cause, etc. however, one of the most notable principles might be uberrimae...

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Iman Sjahputra & Partners, winner of "Internet Law Firm of the Year" in Indonesia

28 Mar 2014

“Iman Sjahputra & Partners has been successfully chosen as the winner of the 2014 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award as “Internet Law Firm of the Year in Indonesia” Corporate Intl is an international...

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Benefits of Simultaneous Election in Indonesia

19 Mar 2014

By: Gabriella Oroh, SH. Election has been held directly once in 5 (five) years since 2004 as a logic implementation of democracy in Republic of Indonesia.  Article 22E Paragraph (1) of the Constitution of the Republic stipulates...

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Execution of International Arbitration Awards in Indonesia

3 Mar 2014

By: Wawan Santoso, SH., LL.M. Rapid growths of free trade era along with globalizations all over the world have increased the cross-border traffic flow of goods and services. From legal aspect, these will raise various questions...

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New ‘Free Float’ Regulation Will Boost Indonesian Capital Market

28 Feb 2014

By: Willy Isananda, SH., LL.M. Indonesia, a country which has craved its name on world’s 20 strongest economies, believed to be one of the most appealing markets for investment nowadays. Speculation towards 2014’s...

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Principle of "fair use" is not a justification for piracy

19 Feb 2014

By : Dr. Iman Sjahputra., SH., SpN. LL.M In Indonesia, sales of pirated copyrighted works in the optical disc medium either DVD or VCD are conducted blatantly, ranging from the store in the shopping center (mall) to retail traders...

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Indonesian "yo-yo" Economy

17 Dec 2013

By Dr. Iman Sjahputra, SH., Sp.N., LL.M. Indonesian economy could analogously be compared with “yo-yo.” For those who have not seen it, a yo-yo is a toy made of two discs with an axis in the middle. The axis is tied with one...

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Entrepreneur v. Labor

6 Dec 2013

By: Dr. Iman Sjahputra., SH., SpN., LL.M)* In 2013, various cities in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, have been flooded with labors protesting for rises on their current minimum wages which considered insufficient. They asked for a hike...

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