Legal Consequences of Claim on A Copyright Creation

16 Sep 2009

By : Iman Sjahputra, SH., SPN. LL.M. Mbah (Grandpa) Surip‘s song “Tak Gendong” is so close to the heart of the people of in this country. Young or old, from children to the adults are for sure able to sing part of the...

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General Election Was Not For Elite But For People

18 Aug 2009

By Iman Sjahputra, SH, SpN., L.L.M)* Legislative election now is  at the phase of votes calculation. Temporary results show that most votes  are for the advantage of Democratic Party which is the political vehicle of...

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Indonesia's Rank Goes Down Again ?

5 Aug 2009

“Analisa” Daily, March 10, 2009. An article by Iman Sjahputra, SH, SpN, LL.M.  Indonesia goes back to the yellow light! What does it mean?  It relates to the evaluation made on the state’s obedience...

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The Urgency of Trademark and Geographical Indication Protection

13 Jan 2009

“Analisa” Daily, December 23, 2008. An article by Iman Sjahputra, SH, SpN, LL.M*) As the acceleration of the age development, especially for the upper developing countries which commonly have limited natural...

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Legal Cases in Trademark are Often Caused by the "Loopholes" in the Law

25 Nov 2008

By: Iman Sjahputra SH., SpN., LL.M*) The high rate of trademark cases do not always have to be seen negatively. Because the existence of the cases can be seen as increasing awareness of the public especially that of business...

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Identic Doesn't Mean Same

By Iman Sjahputra., SH., SpN. LL.M*) For layman, what is meant by  faked goods and faking goods does not always same with faked and faking in legal sense.  As we know, to prevent the booming of faking and circulation of faked...

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Misleading Trial On Intellectual Property Right Should Not Happen

2 Sep 2008

By Iman Sjahputra, SH., SpN., LL.M*) It may be that the for layman, the term Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is not a strange thing. But actually such recognition of the term knowledge is still not yet fully understood. Many people...

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Loophole in Relation To Protection of Famous Mark

24 Jul 2008

By: Iman Sjahputra, SH., SpN., LL.M. *)      You must often have heard the word trade mark and branded goods. And even for most of people mark is highly related with self esteem and social status. It is quite possible...

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Copyright and Royalty Right Agreement

16 Jun 2008

By: Iman Sjahputra, SH, SpN, LL.M *)       Law No.19 Year 2002 concerning Copyright should have brought fresh wind in the protection of copyright in Indonesia.  But, does the law have forcing power so that this...

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Delaying Hearing Means Denying Justice

16 Jun 2008

By: Iman Sjahputra, SH, SpN, LL.M *)       Hearing in Tipikor (Corruption Criminal Case) in the Special Court of Corruption in Jakarta, in the case of Defendant Harini Wijoso may face dead corner, the deadlock was due to...

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