IPR Matters Still Need To Be Socialized 

Published in November 5th, 2006 issue of Analisa Daily

The spreading of the sales of pirated VCD in the major cities in Indonesia actually is in the hand of the brain pilot of the multiplication of the said pirated VCD. As for the seller they only as the pawns to distribute the pirated products and they usually only thinking about the profits they could collect without considering whether the said products are original or pirated. On the other hand the seller of the original VCD with the legal permit will suffer the financial lost because the less of selling quantity and finally they only collect small profits.

From the said interview the Master of Law graduation from the American University, Washington College of Laws, U.S.A. (LL.M in 1996) said that the pirating cannot be separated from the author and producer. Only if the royalty is appropriate and the supervision of each product can be conducted straightly then the pirating could be easily traced where it is happened.

Therefore by becoming the member of WIPO the IPR should have been civilized to all of Indonesian people said by the man who often writes in many of the media in Indonesia. But the fact is that not only public but the intellectual societies are also yet to be civilized with the IPR and they also still have a low conscience regarding this IPR matters whereas IPR has become a trading tool and competition tool in the international trade. Shall there is a member of WTO breaches the TRIPs agreement then the said country whose right is breached is justified to conduct a cross retaliation as according to the international law.

The socialization regarding IPR still needs to be conducted continually especially to the low class society. In the future hopefully the public would understand the importance of protecting the copyright. In accordance with recent technology development the new arisen problem is regarding the enforcement of internet law. Internet is a bridge to many things in the human life however its existence with the escalation of information technology usually utter a comparison as two blades knife where is one hand could bring into prosperity but in the other hand it potentially creates the breach of law.

Therefore he suggests for the consumer who trades through the internet media regularly to be more cautious and double check whether the said websites are qualified enough or not. Who knows when we buy the product the said website still exist and up to date but after the transaction is conducted the said website is disappeared already.